Farmers-Market-foodsThe Jefferson County Health Department recognizes that the direct marketing of agricultural products through Farmers’ Markets is desirable and should be promoted not only as an integral part of Missouri culture, but that such markets, when properly operated, provide a social and economic benefit to both the agricultural community and Missouri citizens by providing items such as fresh, local produce, fruits, nuts, grains, honey, jams, jellies, non-potentially hazardous foods such as baked goods, and livestock and pet stock at reasonable prices, in a socially significant setting.

There are currently five Farmers’ Markets operating in our county during the spring, summer, and fall months.  The markets are located in Arnold, Byrnes Mill, De Soto, Herculaneum, and Hillsboro.  Each market is run by Market Masters who are trained by the Jefferson County Health Department. The Arnold, Byrnes Mill, and De Soto Markets have websites containing contact information.  If you need to contact one of the other markets, please call Nancy Radoch at the Jefferson County Health Department.   She can be reached at 636-789-3372 extension 115, Monday through Thursday 8AM to 5:30 PM.