Wednesday, March 21, 2018
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The activities of the Jefferson County Health Department are guided by its strategic plan.  The strategic plan was developed to achieve Jefferson County Health Department’s


Jefferson County Health Department is a highly qualified, well-equipped, trusted team who collaborates and engages the community to provide the highest standard of  public health  services.

Our vision will be accomplished by carrying out our:


The mission of the Jefferson County Health Department is to protect, promote and improve health and the quality of life for residents of Jefferson County.

Our activities will be conducted according to our:


 PASSION:  A sincere enthusiasm for ones work; love what you do.

INTEGRITY:  Having and demonstrating values such as credibility, loyalty, honesty, fairness, trust and respect for individuals.

ACCOUNTABLE: Takes responsibility and ownership for actions and/or outcomes.

COMPETENCE:  Ability to demonstrate knowledge and the skills needed for effectiveness and consistency.

COMMITMENT: Dedication and perseverance - willing to do "whatever it takes" to get the job done.

ADAPTABLE TO CHANGE:  Flexible to engage in an ever evolving enironment.




Strengthen the Jefferson County public health network.

  • GOAL: To strengthen and improve the public health system in Jefferson County .

STRATEGIC ISSUE #2: Enhance and expand community partnerships.

  • GOAL: To enhance and expand collaborative relationships with community based organizations.·        

STRATEGIC ISSUE #3: Prevent injury, disability and premature death.

  • GOAL: To decrease preventable illness, injury, disability and premature death especially among at-risk populations of Jefferson County .

STRATEGIC ISSUE #4: Ensure access to quality health care services.

  • GOAL: To improve access to quality health care for citizens of Jefferson County regardless of their income.

STRATEGIC ISSUE #5: Improve the community’s health status through increased understanding of wellness and health risks.

  • GOAL: To improve the identification and understanding of health, health risks, and unhealthy behaviors common in the community.

STRATEGIC ISSUE #6: Safeguard the health and safety of consumers.

  • GOAL: To ensure that products, services and facilities directly affecting the public’s health meet or exceed minimum standards.

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