Show Me Healthy Women (SMHW) is a free breast and cervical cancer screening program for the state of Missouri.  To qualify for a free breast and/or cervical cancer screening, women must meet certain age, income, and insurance guidelines.  There are approximately 164 facilities throughout the state that provide these free cancer screenings. 

The objective of the SMHW program is to offer screening services to women who are considered high risk.  High risk women include, but are not limited to, women with low income, women over 50, women with no or little insurance, women who have rarely or never been screened, rural women, women of color, and women with disabilities.

Free diagnostic or treatment services are available to women who are U.S. citizens and diagnosed with breast or cervical abnormalities or cancer by a Show Me Healthy Women provider


Age Guidelines:

Women Age 50 to 64 or older without Medicare Part B:

Women Age 35-49:

Cervical cancer screenings for women who have had a hysterectomy:


2015 Show Me Healthy Women Income Guideline

Size of household

SMHW Annual

SMHW monthly

SMHW weekly

SMHW hourly









































Each additional person, add:





 #SMHW eligibility is based on annual income


Wise Woman

WISEWOMAN (Well-Integrated Screening and Evaluation for Women Across the Nation) provides heart disease and stroke prevention health screenings and education to clients of the Show Me Healthy Women (SMHW) program, Missouri’s National Early Breast and Cervical Cancer Control Project.

WISEWOMAN services include annual screenings that measure blood pressure, total cholesterol, HDL, blood glucose, and height and weight for body mass index (BMI).  Health assessments identify lifestyle habits that increase the risk of heart disease and stroke including low intake of fruits and vegetables, low physical activity, and smoking.  Risk counseling interprets each woman’s screening results and explains her risk for heart disease and stroke.  WISEWOMAN education helps each woman make changes she is ready to make, helps her set realistic goals, and provides resources and tools to help her make these changes.

To be eligible for WISEWOMAN services, women must be participants in the Show Me Healthy Women breast and cervical cancer control project and meet the program’s age (35-64 years) and income guidelines.