Thursday, March 22, 2018
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 Quit smoking

It is never too late to quit, if not for yourself then for those who love you. If you have tried to quit before keep trying, YOU CAN QUIT. There are many tools and tricks out there to help you become smoke-free. Join the millions of Americans who have successfully quit tobacco!

Strong reasons make strong actions –William Shakespeare

  • Freedom from Smoking Classes

Freedom from Smoking is a smoking cessation program developed by the American Lung Association and presented by Jefferson County Health Department. Jefferson County has higher cancer rates than the national average and Missouri ranks third in the nation for the number of smokers per capita.

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Kicking the smoking addiction is different for each person. There are many resources available to tailor to the specific needs of each individual.

The Health Department conducts Freedom From Smoking classes several times a year at three locations: the Jefferson County Health Department Hillsboro and Arnold offices and Mercy Hospital Jefferson.

This is a 7 week behavior modification course that helps smokers learn about their smoking habit, build motivation to quit, and provides the support needed to stay quit. All classes are held weekly for seven weeks and registration is required.

Secondhand smoke is also a serious problem, so your quitting will also be a great benefit to your friends, family and loved ones. Click here for information regarding this serious threat and how to protect those you love from secondhand smoke.

  • For additional information on the classes, upcoming class schedules, or to register for a class call 636-797-3737 ext 111.


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