Wednesday, March 21, 2018
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CHILD CAREchildcare blocks

We provide the following services free of charge:    

  • Health & safety consultation on-site at your licensed child care facility or by phone
  • Clock-hour trainings/education for child care          providers
  • Health education & consultation to family members of children in child care
  • Health promotion programs for children in child care (programs are 30 minutes in length)

To schedule a health & safety consultation or health promotion program call:                                  

Sarah Warncke, RN

Child Care Nurse Consultant

636-789-3372 ext. 206


2014 Child Care Provider and Parent Clock Hour Education/Training Programs

Trainings are provided free of charge, except where indicated.  All classes begin at 6:30pm except for the class on January 31st.  I am Moving, I am Learning will begin at 9:00am and end at 5:00pm.  Lunch and Snacks will be provided for the January 31st class only.  

Call Sarah at 636-797-3737 ext. 206 to register.


January 9th, 2017                Arnold JCHD      Language Development

                                                                                                 Motor Development- Birth to Five

February 13th, 2017             Arnold JCHD      Safe Sleep

March 13th, 2017                         Arnold JCHD          Nutrition 101 (cooking demo)   

April 10th, 2017                           Arnold JCHD         Mandated Reporter Training

May 8th, 2017                     Arnold JCHD      Emergency Preparedness for Child Care                                                                     Providers

June 12th, 2017                  Arnold JCHD      Food Safety in Child Care

July 10th, 2017                   Arnold JCHD      Bloodbourne Pathogens Training for Child

                                                                 Care Providers

August 14th, 2017              Arnold JCHD       Stress Management in Adults and


September 11th, 2017         Arnold JCHD       JCHD Substance Abuse Awareness

October 16th, 2017             Arnold JCHD        Communicable Disease in Child Care 

                                                                                                         (Flu vaccines will be available)

November 13th, 2017         Arnold JCHD         Domestic Abuse Awareness for

                                                                                                  Child Care Providerss

December 4th, 2017           Arnold JCHD          Immunization Reporting for Child 

                                                                                                   Care Providers



Immunizations are IMPORTANT FOR ALL

            cute babies  

The videos below show how important vaccines are.


Hib Disease


Hepatitis B



To access Immunization Survey Form & Packet for yearly report & general  vaccination information

  1. Go to DHSS web
  2. Click on Healthy Living Tab > Immunization >Day care requirement
  3. Click on Survey form for form only
  4. Click on Survey Packet for instructions, Immunizations schedules, vaccine abbreviations, etc








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