Monday, March 19, 2018
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NEW!!! Application for Temporary Food Stand Permit. Application must be fully completed and submitted in a timely matter to obtain a permit. Failure to do so can incur additional fees and/or result in no permit being issued. Failure to obtain a permit for temporary food stand activities can result in closure of the stand.

The Environmental Section of the Jefferson County Health Department conducts food service inspection of facilities that serve or sell food in Jefferson County. All facilities and not for profit organizations that serve or sell food to the public must have a Jefferson County Food and Beverage Permit. To obtain a food establishment permit down load, complete and submit the food establishment permit Application. The Health Department permits all establishments under the authority of the Jefferson County Food and Beverage Ordinance.

The Jefferson County Health Department derives the rules and regulations governing food establishments in the county from the current Food Code as the required by the Jefferson County Health Department Food and Beverage Ordinance.

If you are interested in conducting food service in Jefferson County contact the Jefferson County Health Department for more information at (636) 797-3737, before beginning the construction or remodel of any new establishment.

Over 1500 facilities are routinely inspected by the health department including restaurants, daycare homes, daycare centers, schools, grocery stores, convenience stores or any facility or event that serves or sells food to the public.

Inspection frequency is risk based, placing higher emphasis on high risk facilities. See our food service section for more information. Visit our online food service inspections to view inspection results.

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