Thursday, March 22, 2018
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Every disaster has a public health component.  A public health emergency situation could range from a flood to an influenza epidemic.  Having a roster of pre-screened volunteers will aid in the response time, and enable officials to help the community recover from the disaster more quickly.

The Jefferson County Health Department is continually seeking volunteers (medical and non-medical) for assistance during emergency events. Volunteers may be asked to respond to a natural disaster, a large-scale disease outbreak, or man-made disaster. Depending on the type of emergency, volunteers may be tasked to perform different jobs. Some job functions require special skills such as medical certifications and some job functions do not. Examples of non-medical volunteer duties may include the following:

  • Assemble and distribute information
  • Order, distribute, and track supplies
  • General data management
  • Maintain order in parking areas
  • Maintain security and crowd control
  • Language interpretation
  • Information technology set-up and support
  • General assistance with other volunteers
  • Provide HAM radio communications
  • Provide medication to the public (during select circumstances)


The purpose of this volunteer recruitment program is to identify potential volunteers (medical and non-medical) and train them before an event occurs in order to save time during the response phase of a public health emergency. All volunteers registered with the Jefferson County Health Department will be required to complete a comprehensive training program before working an event. Ongoing training will be available throughout the year and volunteers will be encouraged to attend. These training further volunteers' knowledge of emergency response that will benefit themselves, their families at our community. To apply to be a Jefferson County Emergency Preparedness Volunteer you may visit our Volunteer Application page.  

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